Collaboration & co-creation

Aimed at: large groups & teams facing a common challenge

Most strategic challenges require a broad coalition to overcome. Some require a wide range of knowledge or expertise. Others demand a great number of perspectives or stakeholders to buy into the solution. And again others require involvement from those that ultimately need to implement the solution.

Whatever the design challenge, we are up for it as long as it fits these criteria:

  • complex (in size or ‘number of moving parts’)
  • urgent (enough to mobilize a large group)
  • requires large group* (either to understand, solve and/or implement)

Our collaborative interventions are tailor made and come in many shapes & sizes, ranging from 2-3 day design sessions to collaborative ‘journeys’ that can span weeks or months. Collaborative interventions are designed to provide clarity, structure & direction when it comes to complex challenges. Groups will walk away with:

  • a common sense of urgency & understanding of the problem
  • a jointly developed solution
  • an agreed action plan
  • commitment to stick to the agreements

* Group sizes can range from 15 to 100 people

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