Project & program mobilization

Aimed at: project & program teams, either in start-up or grid-lock

For a project or program to be efficient & effective a great many ‘structural’ elements need to be in place. But those alone are not enough; projects are a human undertaking of collaboration & co-creation. And that human element is where many projects fall short.

Whether you are in the process of scoping a new project, or you’re struggling with an existing one, our expertise and interventions can help you steer you project into safe waters.

Our interventions range from project assessments and project initiation to project recovery and (re)mobilization. Depending on your needs, they encompass both the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’ dimensions of project & program management.

Our interventions are designed to provide clarity, structure & direction. In addition, they aim to:

  • create transparency (e.g. regarding feasibility or actual status)
  • create a renewed focus & drive
  • create alignment among the project team members & with key stakeholders
  • (if needed) provide temporary project management skills & resources
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