Principles & best practices

Here's a (growing) list of principles & best practices that power our interventions

We are firm in our beliefs, but are flexible in finding ways to make our approach fit your needs

We are committed to the joint cause/project, and are willing to put our money where our mouth is

Talking about what needs to change is good, experiencing change is better; actions speak louder than words

We will inspire & surprise you by introducing new ways of thinking & drawing you out of your comfort zone; true change requires courage

We have honest (sometimes tough) conversations, with respect for the individual but with the end in mind

Our approach will be people-centric, delivering value for all stakeholders and using people as the locus of change

There’s always more than one way of looking at things; we incorporate all relevant perspectives & interests

5 iterations of a design process will increase the quality of output a 1,000 times; we will iterate whenever possible

Intuition & experience have their uses, but at the risk of bias and prejudice; we make our approach fact-based & data-driven whenever possible

Solving hard problems requires hard work and perseverance; if you can’t have fun doing it, you probably won’t succeed

Collaboration isn’t just something you hope for or aspire to; it is something you consciously create (by organizing processes, people, tools and environments)

Many of today’s problems require a wide range of expertise and resources to solve; the network of collaborators you are able to leverage will often determine your level of success

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